REIGN Ep. 30 – Choose Again (Rise of Endymion, pt3, finale)

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The fate of life, free will, a higher level of existence and harmony with the universe is pared down to these two simple words: Choose Again. The finale to Dan Simmons’ science fiction masterwork is shocking, poignant and one of the most grippingly emotional human stories I have ever read. I felt a sense of loss, hope, gratitude and awe at the mysteries Simmons weaved and the insight we glimpsed into a universe sewn together not by science, but by the intangible power of love. It’s not as cheesy as it sounds, but to say more is to spoil this story that has so much to offer and in my mind is a resounding achievement in science fiction and the human imagination. RoE’s characters display every facet of humanity – our triumphs and our failings – and explores the depths of the universe – the possibilities of other worlds and other plains of existence. The story is anchored by its lead characters who show the best of who we want to be and who never give up even in the face of relentless evil. It is a love story, an epic across space and time, a journey to find faith, and a beautiful homage to the spirit of the human race. Listen to the podcast as we share our thoughts on the best of what this story had to offer.


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