REIGN Ep. 31 – Fantasy That Fizzles Bad (Diablo, The Sin War Book 1, pt1)

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Uldyssian is the hero, I think, and his friends are trying to help him, we think. The women seemingly have nothing more to do than be mysterious or fawn over him. The story goes from point A to point B, introduces some characters who are quickly dispatched, our main character develops some nonsensical powers, he’s blamed for murder, then he must run. His friends join him, along with the mysterious woman, and they flee to where? The forest. And then they go in circles and get attacked. Everyone is worried, but no one knows what to do and altogether – between cut scenes with the bad guy – I wonder what I’m reading and why I’m reading it. Suffer with us on this weird, anemic entry into fantasy fiction. There is one high point – the book is mercifully short.

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