REIGN Ep. 29 – A Lifetime of Adventure and Love (Rise of Endymion, pt2)

Listen to Episode:


Our characters are perpetual nomads, refugees with no home, but they are guided by a strong sense of destiny that takes them across half the populated galaxy, again. The worlds are simply amazing and we are given this deep experience of what it’s like to be in these places, to feel the exotic cultures and to see our group of survivors adapt to them. Raul goes through one of the most truly remarkable and harrowing experiences imaginable (even having experienced a lifetime of adventures). The reunion of Raul and Aenea on T’ien Shan is beautiful, and the setting – on a world of mountains – is unforgettable in its grandeur. The humans on the world must live on the mountaintops away from the acid ocean surface. Life there is rugged and made for the strong, with zip lines, cliffside walkways, and mountain climbing the only way to travel the world. The people there live on the precipice, both literally and figuratively as one of the last strong free worlds not controlled by the Pax. This adventure gets serious and very passionate as we approach humankind’s final trial.


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