REIGN Ep. 27 – Planet Hopping is Hard Work (Endymion, pt3)

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This is the conclusion to our 3-part book discussion on Endymion, the epic 3rd entry in Dan Simmons’s Hyperion Cantos. The journey in the book is quite simply stunning – the water world of Mare Infinitus had me in Jaws-panic-mode and the ice world of Sol Draconi Septem left me ready to take vacation on Hoth.

The journey goes from bad to impossible as the elements force superhuman feats from our band of fugitives. Man and machine conspire to kill Aenea and her friends, who must reach the mythical Earth or watch generations become enslaved by an evil that many thought destroyed. Listen to the REIGN spoilercast to find out if they make it and if this journey is one that you think you could survive.

Mare Infinitus

REIGN of Books Ep. 26 – A Game of Space Cat and Mouse (Endymion, pt2)

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What do you do when you’re outgunned, outnumbered, and have slim chance of escape? What we can say, without spoiling, is that Aenea, the time-traveling 12-year-old messiah, is quite the poker player. Listen to the REIGN spoilercast to find out how the ultimate game of space tag is played out.

Endymion, book 3 in the 4-part Hyperion Cantos, is an exciting race across the galaxy, which has changed drastically in three centuries since our last visit here. It’s amazing to see familiar places in this universe and how they’ve adapted to the new superpower in space.

Farcaster in the City




REIGN of Books Ep. 25 – In the Future, Everything Old is New Again (Endymion, pt1)

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Raul is a hero I can get behind. He lives a rugged life on Hyperion, never staying in one place too long and surviving how he can as a third-class citizen on his native world. He’s confident in his own abilities, but has no prospect of traveling the stars or joining the larger community of humanity and what it has evolved into. But then his wrongful death starts an adventure of a lifetime.





REIGN of Books Ep. 24 – Master Chief Stumbles, Keyes Takes Center Stage (Halo – The Fall of Reach pt2)

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Master Chief’s book debut is filled with action and intense confrontations, but the narrative only gets interesting when his comrades are battling in space. Master Chief is sidelined to procedural missions mostly on the ground that don’t place him in the hero role. But we have fun discussing the continuing military cliches and pick apart the highs and lows of this adventure.




REIGN of Books Ep. 23 – Space Battles Are Where It’s At (Halo – The Fall of Reach pt1)

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Halo, one of video game history’s defining science fiction war epics, comes to the written page. Can it muster the same emotional resonance that the gameplay inspired in a generation? Well, if you like your military cliches, you are in luck. Saddle up for super soldier training 101.

master chief



REIGN of Books Ep. 22 – The End of the Beginning (The Gunslinger pt2)

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This is only the end of the beginning, and it’s an incredible beginning. We are rewarded with answers to what the Dark Tower is, but we are left with a grand epic stretched out before us. I for one will follow the gunslinger and find out if he can solve this mystery that surrounds his failing world and, perhaps, turn the tide.


REIGN of Books Ep. 21: It’s a Trap! (The Gunslinger pt1)

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The Gunslinger is a fascinating spectacle – rich characters, bleak landscapes, unknown forces of evil, and the gunslinger surviving the wilderness to track down the man in black. There’s a lot to sink your teeth into, and this struggle between these two adversaries is deeper than I suspect.

dark_tower gunslinger cover


The Gunslinger BOOK TRAILER

Stephen King stories freak me out (Remember “It”?) But his brooding fantasy series The Dark Tower is starting out very nicely. Not scary, just creepy. End-World has some bleak landscapes that make Mad Max look like day camp. The gunslinger is the last of his kind and will cross the world to find the man in black. It’s gooood. Check out the book trailer.

REIGN Ep. 20 – How Not to Build Planets (Myst – The Book of Atrus pt2)

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This book is a coming of age story – a young boy has unfathomable burdens placed upon him as he steers the course of worlds and stands up against a would-be tyrant. His bravery comes at a high cost and he is willing to sacrifice the rare gift of true love to save countless others. His trials are ours, and his decisions a reflection of our own strength of character. It’s a timeless story of what roads we choose in life and how those will shape who we become. Myst remains shrouded in mystery until the end, but that is the nature of this world and the result of the power that is wielded by its people. Inevitably, the characters meet their just fates and we get closure to the story, yet it remains filled with many wondrous possibilities for adventure.