REIGN Ep. 27 – Planet Hopping is Hard Work (Endymion, pt3)

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This is the conclusion to our 3-part book discussion on Endymion, the epic 3rd entry in Dan Simmons’s Hyperion Cantos. The journey in the book is quite simply stunning – the water world of Mare Infinitus had me in Jaws-panic-mode and the ice world of Sol Draconi Septem left me ready to take vacation on Hoth.

The journey goes from bad to impossible as the elements force superhuman feats from our band of fugitives. Man and machine conspire to kill Aenea and her friends, who must reach the mythical Earth or watch generations become enslaved by an evil that many thought destroyed. Listen to the REIGN spoilercast to find out if they make it and if this journey is one that you think you could survive.

Mare Infinitus

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