REIGN Ep. 20 – How Not to Build Planets (Myst – The Book of Atrus pt2)

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This book is a coming of age story – a young boy has unfathomable burdens placed upon him as he steers the course of worlds and stands up against a would-be tyrant. His bravery comes at a high cost and he is willing to sacrifice the rare gift of true love to save countless others. His trials are ours, and his decisions a reflection of our own strength of character. It’s a timeless story of what roads we choose in life and how those will shape who we become. Myst remains shrouded in mystery until the end, but that is the nature of this world and the result of the power that is wielded by its people. Inevitably, the characters meet their just fates and we get closure to the story, yet it remains filled with many wondrous possibilities for adventure.


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