Reimagining Human Reality (Ep. 70) | Ready Player One by Ernest Cline



Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is essential science fiction reading; one of the most brilliant pieces of fiction we have ever read. It imagines our future by peeking just around the corner and showing how one new piece of technology could plausibly change everything about how we live.

2 thoughts on “Reimagining Human Reality (Ep. 70) | Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

  1. mo / Yesica1993 says:

    I finally finished the book and am now suffering from major book hangover. Even though I know next to nothing about video games, I loved this book so much! I agree that it had a perfect ending.

    I also appreciate the friendship you guys have. It really comes through in your discussions.

    • photopartner1 says:

      Hangover, withdrawal, shock, relief, hope. All these emotions should surge with such a great story. It’s good to see that the book transcended its game origins to really touch you.

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