What the Star Wars book reboot looks like

The Star Wars book galaxy has gotten a reboot along with the movie franchise, and there are 25 new books that have been published so far.

With less than 24 hours until Star Wars either flies again or self destructs (creatively) at the box office with Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, we take a look at what the creative minds behind the books have done with the space saga. Disney has wiped the slate clean and designated official, or “canon,” books to continue the story of Star Wars (all the previous volumes of Star Wars books are now considered “legacy” or unofficial). This has created lots of debate among fans. The Internet has plenty to say on it…

vis_teaser_dirty little droid

Click to interact with R2-D2 and pick a Star Wars book.

The “canon” books are just starting to roll out. Only 24 novels (and one novella) exist (minus the movie adaptations). The majority are junior novels, putting the original works for adults at a mere eight books. I understand this to a degree – it prevents spoiling the new movies by not giving away what happens to the major characters after Return of the Jedi. Instead authors mostly focus on new/side characters and other aspects of the galaxy. I’ll reserve judgement on whether or not the Star Wars canon novels can become something great. I listened to Aftermath and loved it. It’s got fans split, but Star Wars is as American as apple pie and everyone has an opinion on where it should go.

Check out the interactive visualization on the “canon” books that are already available. Help R2-D2 get the right book for you!

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