REIGNfall – How quickly should a book series come to market?

MEME - finish the story already

Welcome to REIGNfall, our weekly series on book topics where we talk fiction and ponder the world of storytelling.

In this episode we’re talking about book series and how slow (or quickly) it takes for them to be completed and come to market. What’s better for a book series? Get it written and get instant gratification and legions of fans gobbling up your goods or waiting years for amazing stories? Can there be a happy middle ground?

Yes, the Song of Ice and Fire series inspired this.

Books offer writers the opportunity to breathe life into their characters over several years, decades even. Some of you literally grew up with Harry Potter. Others trudged along with Roland Deschain for three decades to find out what awaited at the Dark Tower.

On the opposite extreme, some series are cranked out so fast, you sometimes can’t help be cynical about the quality of the material. Looking at you Twilight, or so I’ve heard. Divergent started off promising, but fans seem split (pun!) over the quality of the ending. So is writing too fast the enemy?

Check out our discussion and tell us what you think is best for the life of a book series. Enjoy.

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