A Crazy Weekend of Celebs, Cosplay and Creativity

Dragon Con 2015, the annual mecca for scifi and fantasy lovers, transformed Atlanta for a weekend and filled downtown with unbridled energy.

This was the year of Mad Max. With so few Mad Max panels, I thought maybe my fellow war boys and wives might be in short supply. But they came in droves, emptying the Citadel and showing up in spectacular cosplay.

My friend went as Dead Pool, and our mission of making a Dead Pool album made for an entertaining weekend. I was officially indoctrinated into the crazy world of this juvenile, obnoxious (anti)hero.

I also got to photograph cosplay star Monika Lee for a story being published by Georgia Tech (where she attends). But Monika already has some amazing photography. What’s a photgrapher to do? I settled for capturing her in the city to set the atmosphere for the con. I can’t share those photos yet, but I did get one fan pic with her that I included here.

More updates later this week on the authors at DC and other memorable moments.

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2015-Sep04_18.55.33-2 2015-Sep04_23.41.29 2015-Sep05_13.43.41 2015-Sep06_15.25.092015-Sep05_13.58.21 2015-Sep05_16.09.37    2015-Sep06_16.27.28-22015-Sep06_16.21.592015-Sep06_16.19.422015-Sep06_16.16.062015-Sep05_17.51.202015-Sep05_16.32.012015-Sep06_18.28.422015-Sep06_16.31.572015-Sep06_15.55.43-22015-Sep06_15.00.522015-Sep06_13.00.142015-Sep05_22.14.262015-Sep05_21.01.312015-Sep05_16.58.412015-Sep05_14.26.492015-Sep05_14.08.492015-Sep04_23.29.352015-Sep04_21.24.47


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