REIGN Ep. 35 – Confronting Evil Head On (The Great Hunt, WOT book 2, pt3)

Listen to Episode:


The conclusion to the Great Hunt was impressive with its grand stage setting and gripping confrontations. The story feels urgent with the odds seemly stacked against our group, which now faces powerful ageless forces separately and on different fronts.

Spoilers: My favorite part by far is the introduction of the marauder army from across the sea. The Aes Sedai are the most powerful group which wields the One Power, or so we thought. We see that women with the One Power are enslaved by this army from across the sea, being held as captives with silver collars and leashes that keep them under complete control. Jordan’s description of their enslavement was brilliant and utterly despairing. Egwene, whose control of the One Power is just beginning, is captured and we see her tortured. It shows that this series is growing up quickly. Nynaeve’s sheer will and determination make her the perfect force to counter this evil. Her trials to rescue Egwene make this one of my favorite parts of the book.

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