REIGN of Books Ep. 18: Light at the End of the Tunnel (The Eye of the World pt4)

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It takes a certain brilliance to breathe life into a world, to make its lands and people and cultures memorable, unique. Creating histories and a sense of authenticity, not for just a region, but a planet, takes dedication. But its a bit of magic I think that crafts the best characters, those whose lives and fates seem for a time intertwined with your own. Their courage, fears, triumphs, decisions and fates reflected in your own hopes for them.

The Eye of the World is a triumph of the human spirit. It is a fantastical tale that takes young village boys out into the world after their home is attacked and sets them on a journey of destiny. But they are far from in control – being led by a mysterious sorceress – and they must outrun a looming shadow the spreads across the world.  They are not prepared for what awaits them and they survive one peril only to encounter another. The action is amazing, often rising unexpectedly, and keeps the reader guessing when and if they’ll make it.

These characters change remarkably over the course of the journey. They must do what no one else can to save the world, but the decisions don’t come easily and that makes the characters very relatable and believable.

Listen in to the conclusion of The Eye of the World on the REIGN of Books and prepare for an epic finish.

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