REIGN of Books Ep. 8: City of the Dead and Time Tripping (Hyperion pt2)

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The Hyperion Cantos

It was not about the planet but about the passing of the self-styled Titans called humans. It was about the unthinking hubris of a race which dared to murder its homeworld through sheer carelessness and then carried that dangerous arrogance to the stars, only to meet the wrath of a god which humanity had helped to sire.

The middle part of Hyperion raises the bar significantly. It’s a very strong middle section that delivers some jaw-dropping revelations.

The many layers of mystery wrapped up in this space saga draw you in deeper as the history of the Dying Earth and the colonization of Hyperion are retold by a living witness of these century old events. We see another personal encounter with the Shrike that shows the power of the time energy at the Time Tombs and the resulting devastation that reverberates through the years.  Below the surface of these stories are deep issues of faith, obsession and destiny. Hang on, this is gonna get good.


News in this Episode:

Zola’s Bookish Recommendation Engine Goes to Work for Libraries

Web Fiction, Serialized and Social

Bookspotting app uses GPS to bring books to life

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